About Hopsy

We help Hospitality businesses unlock their full potential, so they can focus on improving their venues and delighting customers.

We started out with the vision to improve the way hospitality businesses are run, we wanted to make it as easy to manage as any other business — efficient, transparent, and in sync. So we developed a full compliance and operations solution that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to scale.

Understanding the headaches and errors that are caused by operations built up from emails, spreadsheets, and WhatsApp messages. shifts and task lists run on paper and post-it notes. We noticed it just isn't an efficient way to run, so we gathered a team with years of expertise and industry knowledge and built the hopsy app that creates a better working day for the hospitality industry.

‍With hopsy, we are able to help cut your overhead costs, and create a more efficient and productive workplace for your teams across the board and you're entire estate. You're given the visibility you've always wanted to run a tight ship and get your business perfoming at it's best.

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