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Health & Safety inspection: 5 top tips to make sure you ace it!

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1. Keep a high standard of cleanliness at all times, it will make your life easier!

Especially when an inspector is about to visit, bits on the floor, cluttered prep stations, and dusty glasses are just some of the things that inspectors look out for. Also, make sure on an inspector's visits, staff are regularly washing their hands and cleaning up after themselves. Keeping a clear cleaning schedule can be a good way to make sure your always on top of it and your venue is clean and tidy.

And don’t forget about the toilets!

It's not the most pleasant job in the world but its an important one, completing regular toilet checks is not only part of compliance and keeping your venue safe. it's also one of the places both inspectors and customers check when visiting your venue. Everyone likes a clean toilet and not one that's... you know what ill leave that one up to the imagination.

easier toilet checks2. Food safety

There is a lot that goes into food safety, a good way to stay on top of it is by making sure your chef and other kitchen workers have the right equipment they need like fridges, freezers, colour coded cutting boards and first aid boxes. Also, make sure waste is far away from prep stations. Doing this will ensure that kitchen staff aren’t substituting any equipment and are keeping food safety standards high. The risk of not doing this is not only failing a health and safety inspection but also potentially exposing your customers to nasty food bugs, which can tarnish your reputation.

Make sure to let kitchen staff know when an inspector might visit before hand, it can be quite the task to get your kitchen looking spotless especially in busy periods so a heads up can make all the difference. Also, make sure to remind them about Freezers as it’s often the last place you would think needs a clean but one of the first places inspectors will check.

3. Have an effective risk assessment in place

Accidents can happen but there is a lot you can do to minimise the chances. Evaluate risks and put together a risk assessment to cover most ‘danger zones'. There isn't a one size fits all risk assessment but you can learn more about how to put one together that's effective and works for your venue here:

Slips and trips are by far the most common, unsurprisingly as some people even manage to trip over thin air after one too many drinks. What is a surprise however is that most slips happen due to rain or ice next to your entrance (we've got the British weather to thank for that). Placing a mat next to your entrance can be a good way to avoid these nasty accidents and is a nice touch to make customers feel more welcomed.

welcome mat to avoid slips trips and falls 4. Keep staff trained and aware of risks and company policy

Everyone works slightly differently and lower-level staff like kitchen porters and waiters might not be aware of common procedures. Even head chefs might forget some of their health & safety obligations, so having a review every now and again of your policies and risk assessments can be a good way to make sure staff are following the right procedure.

Hopsy provides risk assessments and policies which can be scheduled to be re-reviewed which you can track the completion of, making sure staff are always aware of the correct procedure, you can find out more about how you might be missing the trick to policies here:

5. DON’T cut corners

It might not seem cost-effective spending time focusing on keeping your venue compliant to every single thing the regulating body wants you to do at all times. But by letting your standards slip you leave room for error and more work down the line. Make sure your staff has the proper cleaning equipment and all your appliances are in good working order. Not meeting these regulations can leave you liable if something goes wrong but most importantly it doesn’t make for a good staff or customer experience. 

On the flip side being outstanding at it might be just what your pub, bar, or restaurant needs to get more customers through the door.

hospitality staff taking out health and safety inspections

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