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Covid regulations in Greater Manchester: Everything you need to know

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There's been lots of talk of a second wave of COVID-19 hitting the UK and it seems like we're well on the way as more areas across the UK have implemented stricter regulations in response to rising cases. First Leicester which saw a complete return to lockdown pre 4th of July forcing businesses to close doors once again and urging people to stay home. To now in the North West, in particular, the Greater Manchester area where stricter rules have now been put in place, seemingly out of the blue.

Greater Manchester rising covid cases graphAs you can see in this graph the actions that the government has taken aren't unjustified as Manchester has seen a steady increase in Covid-19 cases over the month. But exactly how are they planning to combat it?

What is the new lockdown going to look like?

Luckily, the North West will not be seeing a return to a full-blown lockdown like in Leicester. Instead, a ban has been put in place making it ‘illegal’ for 2 and more groups of households to gather indoors including pubs and restaurants while still allowing it at homes as long as it doesn't exceed the 30 people rule.

Meeting friends and family

To enforce this the government will be giving the police and council the resources and power to enforce the new regulations and are encouraging business owners to do the same. This new change could be just the start if the numbers of cases keep rising and could see the North West meet a similar fate as Leicester did just over a month ago which is just now starting to come out of lockdown and too will fall under this new set of regulations as more businesses are opening for the second time. 

Manchester waterfront

There isn't a set date when this new ruling will be reversed but in a statement, by Andy Burnham, he told the British public measures could be removed more quickly “by not acting selfishly”. But the question remains exactly how will this be enforced and what impact is it going to have on business as the new change directly contradicts the government message to consumers that its safe to return pubs and restaurants.

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