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Getting started with risk assessment templates : 5 steps for bars and restaurants

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Minimising risk in restaurant by cleaning tables

Risk assessments in the work place: where to start?

Before reopening to the general public, it can feel like there is a mountain to climb to ensure current government legislation on being Covid secure is being met. Even now, more regulation is being introduced and abiding by it can be increasingly difficult especially when you're focused on recovering your bar, pub and restaurant.

Our industry is customer service through and through. That means constantly interacting with different people each and every day, therefore, you must have a fit-for-purpose compliance risk assessment that works for your business. Luckily putting together one isn’t difficult if you know where to start.

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Why are risk assessments important for you? 

If you are a UK bar, pub or restaurant, with more than 5 members of staff, then you must have conducted and documented a risk assessment to demonstrate that you are operating as both a responsible venue for customers and a safe workplace for your employees. Typically this has meant giving staff risk assessment forms that are looked at once, signed and forgotten which can make health and safety standards fall.

Risk assessment forms in bin

Here at Hopsy, we have your back with our simple Risk Assessment tool which comes with all the templates and guidelines you need, so you can get it right the first time and concentrate more on what you do best. And unlike other risk assessment templates on excel or generic checklists, hopsy lets you easily implement changes and set dates for them to be review and even schedule risk assessment training as part of on boarding new employees to you bar, pub or restaurant.

This is all included as part of our compliance package and integrates with all of the other features hopsy provides to run your daily operations and stay Covid secure.

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restaurant owner pouring a glass after mitigating riskFollowing this, a plan of action tailored to your business should then be communicated to all employees clearly outlining what is expected of them along with the individual steps taken to uphold the required standards of infection control and covid guidelines.

As we adapt to the ‘new’ normal, we must think outside the box to overcome the challenges ahead that face us as business owners and minimise the risk posed by COVID-19 to both our staff and our customers so we can operate safely and efficiently.

Top things to consider when going through the risk assessment process

1. Planning a Risk Assessment
Restaurant manager and owner planning their risk assessment

First things first! Our Risk Assessment tool comes with built in guidelines and templates so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are doing what is required of you in line with the current UK government guidelines.

Remember that one size does not fit all and in order for your risk assessment to be effective and considered Covid secure, you must think about the specific hazards in your business environment and what steps can be taken which will be likely to reduce the risk for everyone involved.

2. Cleaning and Hygiene

cleaner sweeping the floor

It’s important that management sets clear guidance to make sure that the venue is kept clean and social distancing is achieved as much as possible in line with current guidelines.

The Cleaning Schedule tool found here in Hopsy can be used in order to put together a timetable to be followed by employees which outlines individual responsibilities for cleaning duties.

You can set up tasks that give your staff specific cleaning directions which might be outside of their usual duties to ensure Infection control is maintained with thorough cleaning practices especially in key areas of traffic, surfaces, and customer touch-points which should be regularly sanitised to decrease the spread of the virus.

3. Keeping Staff in the Loop

Risk assessment example: busy pub

Lastly, communicating guidelines and policies with staff is paramount to ensure an effective risk assessment for your restaurant, pub or bar. This will clearly explain the changes you are planning to work safely whilst also considering their thoughts and ideas so that you can continue to operate your business safely during these challenging times.

A Staff Policy tool is exactly what you need to ensure that these changes are documented in a single place which is accessible to all members of staff at any given time.

4.Identify potential hazards

Avoiding wet floor risks

The best way to avoid risks in a restaurant is to know where they happen. A walk around your your venue noting places where accidents might happen; obstructions, electricity and fire hazards, even moving of large objects or uneven floors can lead to some nasty accidents, especially in kitchens.

Your risk assessment should cover all avoidable hazards to abide by health and safety standards. Its also a great place to gain more insight into what what a HSE Risk assessment should look like.

You can view HSE requirments for restaurants, bars and pubs here:

5. Implement action to minimise risk

staying compliant to covid regulationsWhen knowing where risks happen there's a lot you can do minimise it. A good place to start is making sure all your staff have the proper equipment and access to aid boxes. Non slip shoes, keeping good housekeeping, and fire safety are just a few to mention.

Once you implement action to remove hazards, making sure staff have read it and are doing what they can do avoid risk is where many venues fall short which can lead to accidents down the line and quality standards to fall.

Want more help creating your risk assessment?

Man thinking about what to include in risk assessment for his restaurantFor more information be sure to view our Risk Assessment tool where you can set up and conduct your own risk assessment using our template from start to finish here on Hopsy.

For further information take a look at the 7 Reasons why you should be using online templates for hospitality compliance or give us a shout @HopsyUK for additional support.

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