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Your business covers so many different areas of compliance and operations, Hopsy has everything you need to run your business just the way you want

“ We love working on fantastic features new and old to help you out. ”

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The new standard in Hospitality

More and more venues are switching to online operations and joining hopsy, and there's a good reason why...


We know it’s that problem you wish would just go away, but it won’t and never will. Nothing really sorts it all out, giving you one place to see exactly how you are doing, and more importantly gives you the tools that make it really easy to keep doing it.


Schedule Checklists to cover your business, from health and safety to licensing and everything else in-between. You are in complete control of when they are scheduled.

Risk Assesments

Hopsy stores and communicates your risk assessments, task the completion of them and scores this completion across your venues, surfacing gaps in completion to you in realtime.

Staff Policies

You can set policies and automatically assign them to read and sign off.


We get how difficult it is to manage a venue, which is why we have created some great tools to make day to day operations a joy.

Cleaning Schedules

Make it really simple for your staff to know what needs cleaning, the steps to take and what cleaning materials to use.

Custom Duties

Need a custom checklist to help with end of day procedures? or perhaps you want to schedule your staff to update social media? Hopsy makes doing this a breeze.


Record bar wastage, reporting on costs and get a full breakdown of wastage per staff member.
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Staff Managment

Forget spending time creating complex spreadsheets to manage who is in and when, manage your staff rotas and leave. Communicate new rotas online to all staff members.

Staff Rota

Add shifts including split shifts for all your staff, see you whole week or just focus in on one day to make sure you have all the cover you need

Leave Managment

Staff can send you leave requests, which you can see immediately on the rota, making it really easy to plan which ones to approve.

Time keeping

Staff can start and end their shifts in Hopsy, get totals by day and week of your staff costs.

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