Everyone likes a clean pub or restaurant but unfortunately, it's one of those jobs no one really wants to do. By having a clear schedule outlining specific cleaning tasks it ensures its never forgotten or put off till the morning meaning your venue is always kept clean and tidy.

Peace of mind that cleaning has been done

It is so important to use a cleaning schedule in your pub, restaurant or bar as it's a legal requirement to have a venue with a high standards of hygiene. A cleaning schedule which outlines duties can also act as evidence of compliance when an Environmental Health Officer visits.

Easy and Practical Cleaning Schedules

Make cleaning duties more clear for staff ensuring that your venue is always in tip top condition.

  • Complete tasks on time

    Schedules your cleaning to ensure they are not missed with alerts and notifications.

  • Custom task lists

    Provide clear instructions for employees with cleaning duties so specific tasks can be completed correctly and not forgotten.

  • Personalise your venue

    By adding your own completion questions like, 'do you need more cleaning supplies?'

The benefits of an online cleaning schedule

It's one less thing to keep track of, set it up once, asign the right staff, and track when cleans are completed alongside all of your other daily operations.

  • Give staff clarity

    Provide staff a clear description of what areas need cleaning, who's responsible and when they are required to clean. Giving staff clear instructions and accountability even when your not there.

  • Track progress

    See in real time when cleaning duties are completed and if you have any staff comments like " I ran out of washing up liquid ".

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