Covid Secure

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Peace of mind that your checks are done

The compliance tools in HOPSY means that all your legal compliance information is stored in one secure place. Giving you the ability to set up venue specific checks which are timestamped on completion giving you peace of mind that your venue is safe to be open.

How we ensure you are COVID secure

We make sure your always up to date with compliance and all of the new regulation also providing these tools to make compliance easier:

  • Compliance Checklists

    Using our online tool you can make checks to meet the most up to date regulations when it comes to maintaining a safe and secure environment for both staff and customers even across multiple venues.

  • Cleaning Rotas

    You can put together a specific rota or timetable to be followed by employees outlining specific cleaning duties. To maintain a clean environment especially in key areas, surfaces and touchpoints which need to be regularly sanitised to meet safety measures

  • Risk Assessment Tools

    HOPSY comes with specific Coronavirus risk assessment guidelines and downloadable templates in line with the most current UK government regulations

An easier way to be COVID secure

  • Peace of mind

    Here at Hopsy, we have your back with our various tools, easy to follow templates & checklists to ensure you are fully compliant, so you can focus less on the boring stuff and more on giving customers a great experience.

  • Track your progress

    Not only does HOPSY make being COVID secure that much less of a headache. With our compliance scoring system you can see how your business is performing in real time.

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