To put it simply, policies are the guidelines that your employees need to be aware and abide by. It dictates expectations and employee conduct and are set according to current government guidelines which are specific to your business type. Like the 'Challenge 25' policy prohibiting sale of alcohol to minors.

Peace of mind your policies are up to date

The compliance of your venue is also measured by ensuring that your staff policies are up to date, relevant, acknowledged and accepted by all employees. Stay on top of the latest changes to regulations automatically with Hopsy.

Effective Staff Policies

The compliance of your venue can also be demonstrated by using our online tool in order to:

  • Configure and issue policies & procedures

    Making it clear and concise for staff to perform their role correctly and a point of reference to audit examiners showing they have been reviewed and accepted.

  • Set up Company-wide policies

    If you are a multi-venue business then HOPSY can simplify the process of making sure everyone In your organisation is up to date with company policy. Giving staff clarity and saving time.

  • Make sure changes are seen

    By tracking policy acceptance from your staff and management team.

What are the benefits?

  • A clear picture

    Making everyone aware of current policies and procedures giving staff clear direction of how to operate and conduct themselves correctly. With a single point of reference for new and old staff to familiarise themselves quickly.

  • Track progress

    See who has seen and accepted polices across your whole organisation and individual venues.

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