How it works

We help you gain complete control of your business, you get full visibility across your entire estate from a click of a button. While all compliance and venue operations are completed and stored through Hopsy.

software for restaurant management

Get started in minutes

Hopsy is that simple. Our onboarding team will help you set up your company, add your venues and connect staff at no cost. So you can get stuck in and make the most out of everything Hopsy has to offer straight away.

restaurant management system

Creating your company

Once you have created your company, you can then easily configure all of the compliance checks required by your venues.

Venue Onboarding

After setting up the company you are ready to create your venues and add your staff

Train and improve

As you staff start to use Hopsy, you will see your compliance and performance improve, giving you great training opportunities

Frequently asked questions

So what about my trial?
Right out the box, you get a 30-day no-obligation trial, but that's not all. We are more than happy to work directly with you to get set up.
What about some help getting up a running?
We are with you the whole way, speak to us anytime to get direct support with setup.
Do I have to pay for my staff?
No, you only pay per venue, with no surprises. Got a hundred staff? Great, our tools scale with your business
Do my staff get their own account?
Everyone on Hopsy has their own account, it is really simple to invite them to your venue. That way you can see exactly who has completed checks or signed in
I have some more questions?
We love to help people get the very best from Hopsy. So just reach out to us and we will book you a call with one of our team.
What do I need to run Hopsy?
Hopsy runs on all devices from laptops to the latest phone, most businesses have tablets for their staff but it really is up to you.

Ready to get started?

We’re here to help! Ask us anything or schedule a quick tour of Hopsy!