SOLUTIONS Company Operations Management

Many companies experience difficulties managing their own company engagements with the managers at their venues, especially when dealing with tenanted venues and ‘Pub Code’ regulations. Hopsy solves the administrative nightmare with a number of features to take care of this entire process.

Area Managers

Providing area managers with the tools to manage the interactions with their teams. Outline and effectively communicate expectations, and oversee venue operational performance.

Operations Directors

Oversee each region individually across each Hopsy function, or take a look at the total score for a snapshot of how the company is performing across all metrics.

Property Management

Track maintenance issues and property condition across your estate, and assign responsibility across your teams.

Insightful Company Oversight...

Hopsy's company dashboards provide the oversight necessary to manage compliance with each aspect of your business. The Hopsy scoring system helps you understand your company position in a snapshot, and allows regional analysis with a score for each area manager.

Business Meetings

Hold slick business meetings with your operators using Hopsy to prepare and share meeting notes, and communicate and track follow up actions.

Ensure Signature Capture

Hopsy prompts and captures a signature review for all meeting notes shared, ensuring accountability for actions agreed.

Action Tracking

Ensure all follow-up actions are completed with dash-boarding for each assignee. Area managers can keep track of all completed and overdue actions across their estate.

Email Notifications

Email reminders chase meeting sign off, and ensure action completion with each assignee.

Company Document Management

Effective communication of information is essential. All the information stored in Hopsy is held securely behind the users' password.

Organised Storage

Store centrally, or against a particular venue. Bespoke folders and categories make storing and finding items logical, and orderly.

Document Sharing

Hold documents confidentially, or make them visible to those who need to see. Share documentation instantly with venues, improving communication and organisation.

Expiry Date Management

List documents with expiry dates. Automatically tag out of date documentation, and let Hopsy prompt necessary renewals.

Visit Tracking

Support visits, audits or drop in checks. Configure your settings centrally, and area managers can record their findings each time they drop by.

Editable Checklists

Either just log a visit, or pull and complete an audit checklist that's been pre configured. The results are recorded, and shared.

Ticket Generation & Resolution

Issues are easily logged and rectified with Hopsy. 'Tickets' can be generated for outstanding issues found during visits, and assigned to individuals either at the venue, or centrally at head office. Assignees are notified inside Hopsy, and by email in realtime.

Timed Checks & Clear Oversight

Operations directors can oversee the number of visits taking place, and delve into the time spent at each venue by each area manager.

Company Compliance

The completion of each Hopsy compliance function contributes to a score for each venue, making it easy to oversee and analyse the performance of your estate, and work towards a positive health and safety culture.

Compliance Checklists

Daily, weekly and monthly checks with fully configurable content are pushed from your company to all venues, and completion can be easily monitored through informative dash-boarding.

Risk Assessments

Hopsy can list and communicate company risk assessments centrally. Control measure implementation can then be monitored remotely for each venue to ensure your estate is effectively managing risk.


Company requirements and information can be shared with employees. Configure who is required to read, and receive in-depth reporting on who hasn't.

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