5 halloween ideas for restaurant putting the spook in spook-tober

Richard Cerkasins
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Using Halloween to your advantage

Although Haloweeen might not be an official holiday it never fails to bring out people to restaurants and events. With more than half of Brits projected to take advantage of the spooky season to splurge on a night out it's a great opportunity for food and drink purveyors to spice things up and bring in customers during the cold season before business picks up again for christmas.

Below is a list of 6 spooky ideas for halloween

1. Pumpkin carving workshop


Pumpkin carving for the kids, pumpkin spiced rum for the parents. A carving workshop can be a great way to do something fun and really build a relationship with your customers. Brilliant idea by Blue Bird Chelsea

2. Halloween themed food


There's a lot you can do to spook up your menu, offering halloween themed specials like the shreddy burger from The Fat Hippo will leave mouths watering and people talking. Pair it with an ‘eyeball (lyche) cocktail’ like the one from The Polo Bar and you have a spooktacular dish that will knock the masks off hungry food goers.

3. Fancy dress party


Bring back the masks… just not the blue ones and have yourself a halloween party with all the witches, ghosts and zombies roaming the streets looking for grub. Free drink for anyone with a costume on the 31st can be a great way to get people through the door.

4. Live music

What's a party without the music, celebrate in style. Hiring local acts and djs will keep the spirit alive and drinks coming through. Pair this with fancy dress and you will have a night to remember.

5. Trick or treat & desserts


Take part in trick or treating, having halloween themed samples can be great promotion and themed dessert like this amazing mouse by Aquanueva will satisfy the sweet tooth of any Halloween goer or you can take it one step further like M Restaurants who are throwing a pooch Halloween special where humans and hounds will be trick or treated to a fabulous 3 course meal.

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