Food Safety Management

Hopsy takes care of your whole risk assessment process, helping everyone involved complete and manage risk assessments across your business.
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HACCP Policy

The food safety policy sets the company standard and lays the foundation for the HACCP plan. Hopsy allows you to upload your policy making it easy to communicate to all staff.

HACCP Checks

Food safety checks must be carried out daily, and Hopsy records all of the individual HACCP checks which form part of the overall food safety score for that venue.

HACCP Scoring

Drive improvement and spot gaps sooner with food area scoring. This is a clear indication of how your food area is performing as a snapshot with detailed information available to drill down into.

Reliable information

Hopsy replaces outdated paper processes allowing the capturing of more accurate information and supporting evidence.

Never miss a check

Through scoring and notifications you will know when checks are not being carried out in real time.

Peace of mind

Once Hopsy is in place you can relax knowing the kitchen area of the business is safely operating the way you need it too.
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