Labour Management:
Made easy

Effective staff management is the backbone of Your hospitality business. The first important factor when it comes to successful people management is good communication. Couple this with effective deployment graphs, accurate time clock records and quick, easy work and away dates, and Hopsy makes light work of effective workforce management.
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Staff Rotas

Take the time out of creating and managing rotas. Easily add and publish work shifts, and employee schedules.

Leave Management

Manage the requirement for time off across your departments and teams. Hopsy minimises room for error in this process and effectively communicates to all involved.

Time Keeping

Time and attendance summarised easily. Time clock information collated automatically across employees and days. Lateness highlighted, and and on-clock employees displayed.

So How Does It Work?

Hopsy gives staff members tools to make their lives easier. A happy team is a happy workplace. Staff can feel valued and morale and productivity can drastically increase long term. Our rota management, employee schedules, and easy leave management engage teams, and take the headaches out of shift patterns and flexible working.

Easily manage holiday and leave requests

Make planning a rota as simple as possible, our solution allows you to plan and publish rotas directly to your staff. Everyone can see when they need to be in.

Never Miss a Request

Pending leave requests show directly on the rota, from the moment they are requested, meaning staff can't have shifts added without leave requests being addressed.

Request Approval

Requests and decisions can be managed on the move. Reasons for requested time off are displayed, and employees will receive real-time alerts when leave requests are approved.

No Mistakes

All approved leave prevents shifts being added to the rota immediately. Hopsy simply won't let staff with approved leave have a shift added on that day. No more sifting through signed request forms, and transferring information.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Effective and Easy Rota Planning

Deployment Analysis

Creating a rota doesn't have to be difficult, and... It's not just a simple rota maker! Hopsy's 'Day View' displays a visual representation of your deployment, not just across the day, but across each department too... making sure in advance that you have the right amount of chefs, bar tenders, and waiting staff all working at the right times of the day.

Easily Viewed

Rotas can be produced weeks in advance, and only shared when ready. Once published, Hopsy will share links to the rota quickly and easily through the desktop or mobile app platform.

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