7 Reasons your venues should be using online compliance checklists

Eppie Shepherd
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Why every UK bar and restaurant should be using online tools for compliance checks

As a venue operating in the UK, it’s a fact of life that we must be compliant with quality standards. In other words, documenting our operational compliance is a legal requirement for every bar and restaurant to pass compliance audits, health & safety inspections, and proper risk assessments.

But it isn’t just ticking off things from a checklist of compliance guidelines, it’s also good to practice to keep your venue Covid-19 secure and the best it can be for everyone.

Compliance checks are a big part of running any bar or restaurant, we’re talking daily, weekly, and monthly checks covering everything from opening & closing to operations & fire safety. The usual process for many is to use paper checklists that get scanned and put somewhere they will never see the light of day. Up until you spend an hour looking for them, that is.

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But with every new health & safety guidelines emerging following COVID 19, it might be time to consider a new approach that won't leave you with headaches trying to keep up with the ever-growing list of new regulations.

Switching to an online tool ensures just that. You have a clear record of compliance and your staff knows exactly what and when checks need to be completed. It's less you have to keep up with but ultimately it makes sure your venue is always a safe and great place to be for everyone.

Online bar and restaurant compliance checklists

hopsy has done the hard work of moving countless checklists into one easy to use online platform. This way, businesses who use the tool can rest assured knowing you have the right checklists in place which are both up to date and adhering to regulations.


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7 reasons why you should consider switching to an online checklist:

1. Save Time

In just a few clicks, you can see checklists for the day and get started quickly, allowing you to work more effectively and save time.

2. Paperless

Not only is it good for the environment it's also more secure, no more lost records, just a single hub that keeps a record of all your compliance checks keeping everything organised and easy to find.

3. Mobile Friendly

This way, compliance guidelines for bars and restaurants can be integrated into an easy and practical walk around checks from inside the venue.

4. Controlled at a company level

If you manage multiple locations, you will have a master login for your company where you have a topline overview of compliance checks across all of your venues. HOPSY even provides you with a compliance score as part of our compliance package that lets you know exactly how each venue is performing.

5. Notifications and Alerts

This ensures that no checks are missed as the relevant member of your Management team will be alerted when checks are required.

6. Reporting

Managers can see where compliance has not been met and appropriate actions can then be taken to ensure standards are met. This is then stored in a compliance record which can demonstrate your commitment to compliance.

7. Recorded

An online system is time-stamped so acts as evidence that compliance checks were conducted so you can demonstrate our commitment as a business to meeting health and safety guidelines.

Peace of mind you're up to date with regulations


Can online compliance templates ensure your COVID secure?

We closely monitor the mandatory regulations around the pandemic to include and introduce new legal requirements. An example of this could be the implementation of temperature checks being introduced to the start of the day as part of your daily operations checklist, with hopsy you don't have to worry about changes like this sneaking up on you so there's no need for compliance experts or consultants because it all included in our compliance package.

See the benefits of using an online template for compliance and everything else hopsy offers here.


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We can’t emphasize enough why having the most up to date compliance checklists in place is so important for you as a business owner. Online tools are more effective than a paper-based system especially when you consider how quickly new regulation is being implemented on top of being a lot easier to use and manage.

Ensure that your pub, bar, or restaurant is COVID secure by staying up to date with the latest checklist templates with us at hopsy.

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