Compliance software: Get smart with your business compliance

Richard Cerkasins
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Whether you run your own independent restaurant, or are part of a larger hospitality group, business compliance is essential. Owners know that even their best efforts can fall short when trying to keep track of everything. Hopsy can help with our own effective business compliance tool.

So what is a compliance tool?

Essentially, it is software enabling businesses to follow processes and procedures that are vital for regulatory requirements; Hopsy has the ideal solution to all your problems.

Hopsy has many easy to use features, helping owners and employees take control.

Business Compliance

  1. Checks - whether it's licensing or health and safety, Hopsy will allow you to be in complete control of all your scheduled checklists.
  2. Risk Assessments - if you have one venue or any number, Hopsy can store all your risk assessments in one place. It will even highlight any that need completion.
  3. Staff Policies - Hopsy will enable you to store any policy and record when it has been read and signed off.


  1. Cleaning Schedules - Hopsy helps with the day to day tasks, such as cleaning schedules. Staff will easily know the correct cleaning materials to use, steps to take and what needs cleaning.
  2. Custom Duties - perhaps your social media needs updating? Hopsy makes this simple!
  3. Wastage - track staff/bar wastage and report on costs with an easy to follow business tool.

Staff Management

  1. Staff Rota - Hopsy makes it easy to see weekly and daily staff rotas, allowing you to relax, knowing you have all the cover you need.
  2. Leave Management - the tool allows staff to send in their leave requests, so owners can plan ahead.
  3. Time Keeping - staff will enjoy using Hopsy, as they can record their start/finish times, enabling staff costs to be easily calculated.

Additional Benefits of the Hopsy Business Tool:

We offer a 30 day free trial and you can choose your own individual plan later. There is no credit card required and you can change or cancel your agreement at any time. Our small business 'Pro Plan' is just £50 / month.

You can get started in minutes with Hopsy's onboarding team at no extra cost. Why not book a free demo tour? Run through features and let our experienced staff answer any queries you may have.

Simplify your operations with day to day tasks and business compliance on the go, grow and improve using real-time data as part of your Business Compliance Tool, Why not start your journey with Hopsy today, or contact our friendly team for further help and advice.

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