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Richard Cerkasins
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

The UK hospitality industry is our 4th largest employer with nearly a quarter of a million businesses, 2 million directly employed workers and many more indirectly dependent. According to the government, hospitality played a major part in our recovery from the financial crisis of 2007. During 2020 and 2021 the sector has experienced its own crisis, with lockdown restrictions causing businesses to contract or close altogether. As we emerge from the pandemic, we can be hopeful that the industry will regain its former prominence and success. At Hopsy we are committed to providing the hospitality business tools that the changing environment demands.

A Vital Helping Hand

Automation and digital processes are central to modern hospitality business management solutions. These days, whatever the expertise of managers and staff, the key to efficiency and accuracy is finding the right software. Hopsy's online solution enables the seamless sharing of data between people and machines, providing all the hospitality business tools needed to keep track of operations, eliminate paperwork, manage staff and satisfy all of your compliance obligations.

Day to Day Operations

One of the biggest headaches of hospitality management is making sure that every employee is exactly where they need to be at the right time for carrying out the many routine but vital daily tasks including housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, kitchen operations, customer service and supplier liaison. Instead of manual scheduling, Hopsy automates the entire process to ensure the most efficient deployment of resources while leaving you free to make any manual adjustments necessary.

Staffing Arrangements

Ensuring that your employees are using their time to the best advantage is part of what Hopsy does, but we understand the need for hospitality business management solutions which also address backroom issues such as the administration of staffing and human resources. Automated rota creation saves time and eliminates the possibility that work will be either duplicated or overlooked. Time-keeping and holiday requests are easily monitored and assessed, ensuring that you are operating at maximum capacity throughout the year while fulfilling the expectations of your staff.


Legal obligations regarding health and safety, employees' rights and well-being, food hygiene and data protection are just some of the demands placed on many industries under a regime that seeks to combine business competition with consumer and employee protection. The array of regulations facing the owner of a hospitality business can seem overwhelming. Hopsy provides hospitality business tools to make compliance a simple matter.

Our software provides a comprehensive range of fully customisable checklists for licensing, food standards and health and safety checks. It has a secure but accessible facility to record, store and update documentation such as risk assessments and staff policies. What's more, it issues reminders and alerts when new inspections are required, making sure that you are never caught out by changing requirements or simply having out-of-date assessments.

The machinery of hospitality is complex. It is one of the most intensively customer-facing industries and it relies on substantial work forces. The efficient, professional management of the people you employ and those that you serve is central to a successful operation. Simplify your workload and concentrate on your success with Hopsy's hospitality business management solutions. With a free trial and a choice of plans at competitive prices, Hopsy is the answer. Book a demo with us today!

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