How restaurant management software can streamline your operations

Eppie Shepherd
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Restaurant management software; what is it?

Everyone has a restaurant management system in place, be it on paper or digital but hospitality is constantly evolving - and that’s without considering the impact of Covid-19. Systems come and go, practices change. But one thing that is transforming how our eateries operate is the implementation of restaurant management software.

Automatic, digital solutions are rapidly replacing the archaic paper based methods our ancestors invented. Spreadsheets and clipboard forms no longer cut the mustard, taking more time and costing more mistakes.

Instead, restaurant management software can streamline day to day operations, at a time where every minute - and penny - counts.

In this article, we share the many features of HOPSY’s restaurant tool and the value it brings to your business.
Restaurant management software transforms the way you run your venue

Automatic cleaning schedule

No one likes a job half done - especially when it comes to cleaning. Instead, never miss a spot with HOPSY’s cleaning schedule software.


The online solution automatically sends notifications to those responsible, ensuring tasks get done without supervisory instruction. Simply specify the frequency and times for reminders to be sent.

The site specific cleaning templates are editable per venue, giving you more flexibility on how each space is run. Add personalised completion questions and custom task lists to give staff clear instructions.

Recorded wastage

Take the stress out of stock management by recording bar wastage and tracking costs. An online wastage diary records entries by day and by reason, totalling to share a weekly figure that can be analysed over time.


Compliance tracking and reporting

Get peace of mind with HOPSY’s compliance package. Log issues found in compliance checks into a live ‘jobs list’. Actionable tickets can be assigned to staff within your business alongside photos and additional comments for completion.

By storing old and closed jobs as a history of compliance action points, never again will issues be overlooked.

This is just one benefit of HOPSY’s which ensures you meet standards for health & safety, fire, food and licensing.

Up to date staff policies

Policies and procedures are often outdated in a paper-based work environment. Keep compliant by using restaurant management software that automates this time-consuming process - so you can stay on top of the latest regulations.

HOPSY’s online tool ensures all staff are in the know of your company’s policies, tracking acceptance across your whole organisation. Ensure guidelines are followed and expectations are met by storing documents on one simple solution.

Schedule the staff rota on your device

With noticeboard rotas and Excel timetables, it’s not surprising that many restaurants fall victim to scheduling errors and mixed up shifts.


But with HOPSY, you can plan and share staff rotas right from your phone, making it simpler to amend and confirm updates.

results in better accountability and efficient communications. With easier employee management, never again will you hear the same old excuses.

Minimise risk

Controlling possible hazards doesn’t have to be a tedious task - but often online solutions can be a one size fits all approach. That’s why HOPSY has created clear and simple , personalised to your venue and business.

With easy customisation, you can track potential risks and receive alerts with an assessment is due. Plus, enjoy even more features including incident reporting and a simple set up process.

Live reporting across multiple venues

Gain complete oversight of your business with real time reports. Available across multiple sites, your dashboard shares an updated view of your compliance and operations in every venue.

Each report can be shared company wide, in addition to a simple scoring system to keep you focused on the areas that need attention. Plus 24/7 data means potential problems can be stopped before they impact your business.

Ready to revolutionise your restaurant management?

Start your free trial with HOPSY today.

Enjoy all the above benefits for unlimited venues as well as free templates and checklists.

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