How to prepare your pub or restaurant for Christmas

Richard Cerkasins
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

It's never too early to start preparing for Christmas, especially if you run a hospitality business. With the most anticipated holiday of the year comes an opportunity to increase sales and put everyone in the spirit during the holiday season. Let your creative side shine and get inspired by these 10 festive ideas guaranteed to make this year's Christmas a memorable one

  1. A Christmas themed pub quiz
  2. Christmas drinks and cocktails
  3. Winter wonderland
  4. Elf on a shelf.. Or a beer tap
  5. Ugly Christmas jumper competition
  6. Festive sunday roast
  7. 12 day of Christmas
  8. A visit from santa
  9. Cans for cans
  10. Meals for the old

10 festive Christmas promotion ideas for your venue.

1. A Christmas themed pub quiz

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A pub quiz is a good way to get everyone involved. If you have ever hosted a quiz before you know how fun and competitive they can get. A Christmas themed quiz can really put your visitors' xmas knowledge to the test. If you are stuck for ideas on what questions to ask there are plenty of Christmas quiz examples online for you to use.

2. Christmas drinks & cocktails

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Tis the season of pumpkin spiced everything, hot chocolate and gingerbread. Creating a Christmas themed drink or cocktail can be a great way to bring something unique to your regulars and get more newcomers through the door.

Mulled wine, spiced punch or hot chocolate with a kick are relatively easy to make but can be a great addition to your drinks menu. Especially now that it’s less than pleasant outside. If you really want to get creative there are a bunch of classic cocktails you can add a festive twist to.

Here's some Christmas cocktails ideas to consider.

3. Winter wonderland

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Snow is never guaranteed in the UK so the only way to make things look christmassy is decorations. A Christmas tree is a must but why not use this opportunity to really put on a show. It makes for the perfect social media post and is guaranteed to lift the spirits of even the biggest scrooge. Christmas lights, paper snowflakes or tinsel are just a few things to consider but you can really go as simple or as crazy as you want.

4. Elf on a shelf... or beer tap

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Even if you're not planning on decorating, adding Santa's little helper on some of your best beer can be a real attention grabber. It might even contribute to more sales from people trying to get off the naughty list ;)

5. Ugly Christmas jumper competitions


There's nothing funnier than making people look ridiculous. Offering a prize for the worst jumper can not only get more people through the door, it can really bring everyone together. Pair it with a quiz, some drinks/food and you'll be set up for a right laugh.

6. Festive Sunday roast

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Christmas season is all about comfort food (diets are reserved for the new year). A Christmas special can be a great way to get people's attention especially if you've already decorated. Doing a classic Sunday roast with some parsnips or a turkey can be a great way to shift things up and get more people excited for the holidays.

7. 12 days of Christmas

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Everyone looks forward to the countdown to Christmas. Doing something special each day or even doing a simple social media post promoting your venue is a great marketing opportunity to get your business in front of more people.

8. A visit from santa

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If you run a family friendly venue, getting santa to come visit your venue can make for a big attraction. You can even pair this with a gingerbread workshop and cocktails to really make an event the kids and adults will remember.

9. Cans for cans

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Christmas is all about giving back. Collecting donations and contributing food to the less fortunate is a great way to give back to the community to make sure everyone has a great Christmas. Offering something in return for donations, like a pint, is a good way to recognise the good deeds of your customers.

10. Meals for the old

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There's over 1.7 million older people in the UK who have nowhere to go during Christmas. Just having someone to talk to during the holiday season is huge. Offering free meals or working closely with the community can help the most vulnerable feel a lot less lonely this Christmas.

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