Lockdown Restrictions: Hospitality to stay closed until May

Rachel Hellon
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

As it stands pubs and restaurants are looking to remain shut until the May bank holiday due to the updated Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

It was recently announced that the government is following the release of the previous restrictions back in June 2020 and is looking at a gradual release of lockdown rules over the course of several months - with pubs being the last to reopen.

Chief Executive for UKHospitality Kate Nicholls highlights that “If pubs, bars and restaurants are not able to open until May then they will have actually been closed for 7 months".

It is another blow for the hospitality industry with many businesses struggling on the government grants that have been provided and following the latest lockdown update that takeaway pints have been banned under new restrictions.

Businesses have had to adapt quickly to overcome some of the hardest challenges that have been brought forward due to last-minute decisions and a vast amount of restrictions being brought into play. We have put together five top tips for bar and restaurant owners to help your business during the lockdown.

may lockdown 2.png

In light of the reopening of the hospitality industry, businesses need to make sure they are ready and prepared to start trading again with it more than likely have some restrictions in place.

If you are based in Liverpool you can also benefit from 3 months completely free of Hopsy to get familiar with our Hospitality management tool you need to run your business efficiently. Get prepared for when we can finally start trading again!

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