Online rotas, 3 big problems that they can solve

Jamie Norman
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Online rotas, why are they better?

staff rota template, the problems you might face

We know what it takes to put together the all-important staff rota. You’ve thought about how to make a fair rota, put together the dream Friday night team, and made sure Danny has Sunday off for his “mum’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding”.

Yet despite all that effort, someone still doesn’t see the shift swaps. Still pretends they were on time blaming the delivery man for being early or somehow missed the A3 work rota pinned up in the office.

Even relying on rota templates on WhatsApp, email or excel can leave you chasing staff and spending hours looking at directions on how to make a staff planner on google sheets. With Covid-19 regulations limiting how much staff you can have at one time it's now more important than ever to ensure you have the right people for the right job to stay Covid-19 secure.

You can use our [rota creator for free eliminating the paperwork and making for a simpler work rota that works for everyone in your team. Try it for free today, In just a few clicks you can add shifts for the week ahead with our rota creator, saving you time and a fair few headaches dealing with these 3 most common excuses:

Online rotas: the 3 excuses you can avoid

1. I didn’t get the staff rota email!

With a centralised online platform, your employees will no longer forget their start time - even if they’re ‘out out’. Users can access the staff rota and see their shifts from their tablet, computer or smartphones. Simply enter your employees’ contact details and voila! They’ll each receive their very own login and unique profile page. Perfect for a workforce of 10 or 10,000, employee scheduling software means you’ll spend less time answering ‘when’s the rota coming out?’ and more time getting back to business.

2. But I didn’t get the updated rota!

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Nine times out of ten you’ll spend hours slotting together a shift planner or trying to find a staff rota template that works for you only for it to be scrutinised and scribbled over. And even when you send out a new version to keep everyone happy - someone still doesn’t see it.

Instead of dealing with the same frustrations day in and day out, take control of your shift swapping workforce. Online staff rotas can be continuously updated in one cohesive system, meaning there’s no risk of duplicate copies floating around the office.

Users are notified immediately when a change is made and with rotas kept in one place, everyone from the cleaner to the CEO can find out who’s behind the bar at 9 pm on Friday night.

With personalised programming, your staff can also add in when they can and can’t work. Fewer schedule changes for you plus more control for your employees over their work/life balance equals a happier workforce.

3. But I wasn’t late!

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What’s wrong with a printed rota? For starters, anyone can go back in time with an eraser and a pencil. And secondly? It’s too easy to forget to sign. How many times has someone started work without clocking in? Or there’s been a queue to sign out at the end of the night?

Instead of weaselling out your very own shift managers or rushing employees out the door, how much easier would it be if you could implement an automatic online rotas system?


cloud-based staff planners are a game-changer. Employees can clock in and out on their own devices under your virtual eye. Receive a notification each time someone arrives and check in to see who’s currently clocked in at any venue. You’ll also be able to view a history of your employees’ in and out times to spot any regular latecomers.

HOPSY is a better way to manage your hospitality business. With our rota creator, you can revolutionise the way you manage staff timekeeping and wave goodbye to those oh-too-common excuses. Get ready to optimise your time, save costs and create a happier workforce.

Ready to dive in? put together your Online rotas for free today!

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