Simplifying operations with staff management software

Richard Cerkasins
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Fed up of drowning in paper? Always losing the communication book? Excel sheets taking over your desktop? Well, why not take away all that mess and stress with our ultra easy staff management software? Our tools for staff management are so simple and can now be managed at the click of a button. At Hopsy, we really couldn't make it easier.

Managing your staff needn't be a hassle. Our operations platform gives you complete control over your business. Ask any business owner and lack of time will always be up there on the list of things that make your day harder. With our staff management software, we put control back in your hands, giving you more time to run the business you love.

How can this software help you?

At Hopsy, we are all about keeping it simple. We know that managing your staff might not always be easy. But, keeping on top of the controllable elements such as rotas, leave and timekeeping can be one less hassle in your business day. By using our platform, you can communicate in real-time with your staff using the tools for staff management on the platform. No more wrestling witth multiple complicated systems to manage staff rotas or staff leave. Staff get to see their rotas as you upload them, keeping them in the loop and in the know.

Staff Rota

You can add in shifts for all your workers, even split shifts. The tools for staff management in the software give you the opportunity to create rotas for the whole week, or narrow it down to just one day. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that you're covered. No more last minute phone calls. At no extra cost, we will share the platform with your staff which means they will be able to check in and see updates too. All at a click of a button.

Leave Management

Our staff management software works in real-time so staff can send you requests for leave that you will see immediately. You can approve these requests instantly, using the functionality built into the platform.

Time Keeping

As your staff start and finish work, they can use Hopsy to log in and out. A great way for you to see totals of hours worked each day and keep an eye on your staff costs in real-time.

Team Deployment

getting the right amount of staff on quite or busy periods is crucial if you want everything to move smoothly. Thats why we've added a deployment graph to our staff rota, instantly see staff coverage throughout the day and get the dream team together without the maths and eye strain that comes with excel or paper rotas.

Learn more about our staff management offering and what Hopsy can do for your business.

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