The Dos & Don'ts When Implementing a HACCP Plan in Restaurants

Jamie Norman
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Ah, the bustling world of hospitality. As industry insiders, we all know that creating a magical dining experience is as important as ensuring every dish is safe & sumptuous. A balancing act that HACCP makes achievable. But are we harnessing its full potential? And where does Hopsy fit in?

Weaving HACCP into intricate daily restaurant operations can be less than straightforward. While many establishments grapple with the age-old methods of HACCP integration, we at Hopsy believe there's a smarter way. Our solution not only streamlines HACCP processes but elevates them, making compliance more efficient and effective.

The Importance of HACCP in Restaurants

Here's a familiar scenario: A new dish is on the menu. The ingredients are top-notch, the presentation impeccable. But behind the scenes, the critical control points, from storage temperatures to cooking times, are what stand between success and potential disaster. We all know the stakes. A single misstep? It's not just about a dish being sent back; it's about risking our hard-earned reputation and the health of our patrons.

But let's face it, maintaining unwavering adherence to HACCP can be a challenge. Menus change, suppliers vary, and kitchen staff come and go. Amidst these dynamics, how can we ensure that our HACCP processes remain not just intact but thrive? And is a checklist in the back office, vulnerable to coffee spills and misplacement, really the best we can do?

That's where we come in. At Hopsy, we've crafted a solution born from understanding these challenges firsthand. Our digital platform transforms how HACCP can be managed in contemporary hospitality. We’ve combined our industry insights with technology to offer a seamless, intuitive way to ensure every critical control point is addressed, every single time.

Ensuring Consistency with HACCP

We've all experienced that unparalleled joy of tasting a dish for the first time and then returning, hoping to relive that same sensation. But the magic lies in replicating that experience, be it on your second visit or your fiftieth. At the heart of this repetitive magic is HACCP – ensuring standards are met, and that delightful dish remains unchanged in its quality.

But, let’s peel back the curtain a bit. Behind those swinging kitchen doors lies a whirlwind of activity. The flames, the clamour, the orchestrated chaos - it’s a world where a pinch of salt can sometimes be forgotten, and a critical temperature check might occasionally be missed. The challenge? Ensuring that amidst this bustle, HACCP guidelines remain inviolable. This task becomes even more daunting when one relies on age-old methods. Remember the days of frantically searching for a misplaced HACCP logbook during an unexpected inspection? Or that gut-wrenching moment when you realised a crucial step in the safety protocol was overlooked?

The hospitality world has undergone a digital revolution in recent years, yet many HACCP processes seem to have missed this train. The cumbersome binders, the endless checklists, and the reliance on sheer human memory – it’s an outdated model with too many cracks. And in an environment where even a small oversight can have significant ramifications, these cracks can't be overlooked.

Enter Hopsy. We’ve taken the traditional HACCP system, reimagined it, and aligned it with the needs and pace of contemporary restaurants. Our system sends automated reminders for every safety check, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Imagine the relief of addressing potential issues immediately, nipping them in the bud before they escalate. We're modernising but also optimising and refining, ensuring that every establishment that partners with Hopsy operates at its highest potential.

In a nutshell, consistency in the hospitality industry is a dance - a dance of taste, experience, and most critically, safety. And with Hopsy, we ensure you never miss a beat.

Implementing a HACCP Plan with Hopsy

Navigating the intricacies of HACCP in a restaurant setting can be a delicate endeavour. Every step, every detail matters. As you integrate Hopsy into your operations, here's a guide to ensure you're maximising the potential of our platform while avoiding common pitfalls:


  1. Stay Updated: Use Hopsy's real-time data analytics to stay informed about every facet of your food safety operations. The platform offers insights that can preempt issues before they escalate.
  2. Train Your Team: Ensure every member of your team, from kitchen staff to front-of-house, is trained on Hopsy. A tool is only as good as its user, and with everyone on board, you'll unlock its full potential.
  3. Regularly Review Your HACCP Policy: While Hopsy allows you to upload and communicate your policy seamlessly, it's essential to revisit and update it in response to any changes in your menu, equipment, or procedures.
  4. Embrace Notifications: Allow us to send you real-time alerts and notifications. It’s our way of ensuring you never miss a check and can address issues immediately.
  5. Seek Feedback: Engage your team for feedback on the Hopsy platform. Their hands-on experience can provide valuable insights to further streamline operations.


  1. Rely Solely on Automation: While Hopsy offers an unmatched digital solution, human intuition and expertise are irreplaceable. Use the platform as a tool, not a replacement.
  2. Ignore the Scoring System: Our scoring mechanism isn’t just a number; it's an indicator of your food safety health. Low scores signal areas that need immediate attention.
  3. Avoid Regular Audits: Even with Hopsy streamlining your processes, conduct regular internal audits to ensure compliance and to identify any gaps or areas for improvement.
  4. Disregard Training Updates: As we continuously enhance Hopsy, ensure your team is updated with any new features or changes. Regular refresher training sessions can be beneficial.
  5. Isolate HACCP Management: Integrate HACCP management into your broader restaurant operations. Hopsy is designed to work in tandem with other aspects of your business, ensuring a holistic approach to food safety.

Incorporating these dos and don'ts with Hopsy ensures not just adherence to HACCP principles but also capitalises on the efficiencies and innovations our platform offers. Remember, with the right approach, HACCP compliance becomes less of a task and more of an integrated, streamlined journey towards food safety excellence.

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