Tier 4 and beyond: How will new restrictions affect Liverpool?

Richard Cerkasins
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Liverpool has been very lucky with its Tier placement. Following a city wide lockdown we moved into Tier 2 due to an exceptional response to rising cases which saw many businesses slowly get back on their feet especially in hospitality. Unfortunately this was short lived as new year saw most of the country go into Tier 3 with a large portion moving into new Tier 4 restrictions.

What is Tier 4 and what will it mean for bars and restaurants?

Tier 4 restrictions explained

  • No social mixing
  • All non essential business closed including bars, pubs and leisure
  • Work from home message put in place
  • vulnerable people should not go outside
  • No indoors mixing unless essential
  • Exceptions for childcare and schools

We are all too familiar with these restrictions as they strike a strong resemblance to the list of rules we had to follow back in lockdown.

Luckily Liverpool still remains in Tier 3 as of writing this article but with a new Covid-19 variant and cases rising, it looks like we will soon be joining the club and moving into Tier 4 if not into something more drastic.

covid tiers 2.png

Will there be Tier 5 in Liverpool and what will it look like?

Tier 5 has not been announced yet but with talks of a nationwide lockdown and tougher measures to stop the spread of the new covid variant it's something we need to be prepared for. Tier 5 could see primary and secondary schools shut as a last effort to minimise contact.

More businesses will close, even garden centres and off licence merchants who currently fall under ‘essential business’ might have to close if Tier 5 is introduced.

Furthermore a ban on public worship, outside exercise and travel could also be put in place which would see the UK return to a very similar place we were in March.

What are your thoughts on the new tiers?

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