UK heading back to tiered restrictions in March

Rachel Hellon
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Coronavirus restrictions will not disappear in one “big bang” but England could instead return to a tiered system, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has said.

He said “The aim is by the middle of February to have 88% of those most at risk of dying of coronavirus with their first jab, and by the early spring to have 99%”

“I think it is true to say that when we get to a situation in the early spring, perhaps March, if we succeed in hitting those targets - we have made good progress so far - we can start to think about the phased transition out of the national lockdown”

In response, it has been stated that hospitality businesses must be allowed to reopen at the same time as non-essential retail, giving businesses enough notice to prepare and plan within their tiered restrictions.

It is not clear yet whether we will see the same tiers and restrictions returning, but we do know that the previous tiered system saw all hospitality businesses being forced to close in tier 3 areas. We also saw bars and pubs in Tier 2 regions that could not provide a ‘substantial meal’ also being made to close under covid-19 restrictions.

tier restrictions 2.png

Although non-essential retail was allowed to remain open in all areas besides those under Tier 4, there is not a clear strategy for hospitality businesses to start trading again but we can imagine there will be a plea for changes of restrictions under tiers regarding Hospitality.

Last week, it was suggested that hospitality businesses in England may have to be closed until the early May Bank holiday with the government naming this as a ‘realistic’ reopening date. We have shared our 5 top tips you can follow to support your business during lockdown.

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