Useful sites and resources for Covid-19 and everything in between

Richard Cerkasins
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Finding the right guidance for your bar or restaurant can be a minefield with the number of websites and articles out there trying to make sense of the latest guidelines. Knowing what applies to who or what's law or only suggestions can leave you more confused than when you started. So we've compiled a list of useful links and resources to help your business with everything like applying for permits to getting Covid-19 financial support and more.

Covid-19 regulations and guidance

Get a general overview of how to keep your venue, customers, and staff safe during the covid-19 pandemic over at the gov website. You can find the most recent changes to regulations at /coronavirus. This page is updated regularly with the latest Covid-19 updates and upcoming announcements.

Or follow Hopsy on social media where we regularly post key industry updates and useful articles to help you stay covid secure.

How to get financial support for your pub or restaurant:


There are multiple government schemes in place to support businesses through this pandemic. You can apply for any financial support you might need like the government furlough scheme, business rate relief, and more.

Additionally, if you run an independent venue and fall under the category of self-employed you can apply for a Self-Employment Income Support Scheme which gives you 70% of 3 months’ worth of profits (capped at £6,570)

If your own and run an independent venue:


There's no denying that pubs have been given the short end of the straw when it comes to support from the government in particular wet-led pubs.

If you operate a drinks only pub an organisation called the campaign for pubs has been doing amazing work campaigning for new legislation supporting these hard-hit businesses. If you've been affected by this first hand, let them know, and show your support.

Health & Safety Information

Managing health and safety for your venue is now more important than ever. If you haven't visited the official HSE website yet, it's a good place to get a full overview of Covid compliance requirements for your pub or restaurant.

Below are links to guide you through general health and safety for your business and how to operate safely during this pandemic.

RIDDOR Reporting

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations is necessary If you, staff or customers have had a serious accident or dangerous occurrence.

Hopefully, you will never need to fill out one of these reports for your business but if a serious accident has taken place It must be reported if it has resulted in an employee being away from work, or unable to perform their normal work duties for more than seven consecutive days as the result of their injury.

You can file a report on the official HSE website or gain more information about what constitutes a RIDDOR report.

British Institute of inn-keeping


BII was established to support the people working in the hospitality industry in particular pubs owners and everyone from apprentices to bar staff, pub chefs, managers, tenants, lessees, and free traders.

However, Some of their offerings are exclusive to members which will cost you £155 per annum. But with that you...

...Get access to:

  • Expert advice through our Legal, HR/Employment, Licensing, Tax & MRO helplines
  • Discounted products and services from their business partners
  • Business Tools and Calculators, making your life easier
  • Events and Awards - offering recognition for excellence in our sector
  • Industry knowledge and success stories from other BII members
  • Regional BII Councils offering mentoring and a chance to share best practices
  • Covid 19 compliance guides covering new guidelines and government support schemes

Even if you're not considering becoming a member there's a lot to gain from visiting their website and taking a look at everything they offer.

Premises Licence

If you own or run a restaurant/pub the chances are you already have a premises license for your venue for selling alcohol, and food. However, if you are moving locations, expanding your business, or only starting out you can get access to the licence form.

Applying for a temporary pavement permit:


Outdoor seating can help maintain proper social distancing and give your business more capacity and with government support applying for an outdoor seating, permit is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is visit your local council, online or in-person, and ask for a temporary pavement permit. You will then be asked to fill out a form like this and If it's approved you can start using outdoor space straight away in line with the rules your council has set out.

To get started visit your councils website and search for ‘pavement license’. There you will be provided with all of the relevant information to get you started.

How to set up Test and trace for your pub/ restaurant:


Is test and trace mandatory for restaurants?

Yes, pubs, restaurants, and other businesses are now required to collect customers' information to help track the spread of the virus as of 10th of September, 2020.

Luckily with the launch of the NHS test and trace app, you no longer have to rely on third parties to do this effectively.

Getting a Test and trace QR code

To get it set up for your venue you can apply for a test and trace QR code to display at your venues. Customers will then be able to scan it provided they have the NHS app. Their data will then automatically be recorded and your business will be notified if someone with the virus has recently visited your venue.

To make it simpler for both you and your customers we recommend clearly displaying your QR code on entry and every table with clear instructions on how to set it up on their mobile device.

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