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Rachel Hellon
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Liverpool became the first area in England to experience the dreaded ‘tier 3’ back in October 2020. And whilst restrictions definitely decreased the infection rate, the hospitality sector was once again forced to shut up shop.

Wanting to help Liverpool get back on its feet, we launched #HopsyToHelpOut to give back to our beloved city. For the duration of lockdown (plus 3 extra months) all hospitality businesses can benefit from our full online solution for free!

As lockdown lifts and doors begin to reopen, every pub, restaurant and cafe can join the hundreds of venues already using Hopsy for their Covid-19 compliance at no extra cost.

**Want to know more? **

Read on to find out what Hopsy’s online solution can do for your hospitality business during Covid-19 and beyond.

What is Hopsy?

Hopsy is an online hospitality solution that delivers game-changing tools to pubs, restaurants, venues and bars across the nation. From risk assessments to staff rotas, we cover every aspect of your operations to help you run a tight ship without the need for paperwork.

Our revolutionary platform is built with you in mind. Business owners can view how multiple venues are performing on one simple dashboard whilst managers can rest easy knowing their compliance is in order.

Each member of your team benefits too. With their own unique profile page, staff can clock in, check rotas and see the work they’ve been assigned. Never again will a task be overlooked.

Sign up in minutes

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By signing up to Hopsy, you will revolutionise the way your company operates in two simple steps.

First you’ll want to register with us as a company. Here you can add your managers, owners and anyone who wants to keep up to date with your overall business performance.

Next you’ll log your venues, adding individual locations and onsite teams. Each employee will have shared access to staff rotas, custom checklists and assigned tasks.

And that’s it!

To get started, simply register below and join the hundreds of hospitality vendors who have streamlined their business management.

Hopsy’s features

In your free 3 month trial, you’ll receive full access to all of Hopsy’s online benefits. Each has been designed with the help of hospitality industry leaders to make running your business a dream.

Covid-19 compliance

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Hopsy’s compliance package offers ultimate peace of mind. With customisable tools and automatic reminders, you’ll benefit from knowing your venue meets the government's latest guidelines as well as standards for health and safety, fire, food and licensing.

Our reports and templates have been updated with Covid-19 checks to help you stay secure during the pandemic.

Staff rotas and policies

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Hopsy has worked hard to make employee management even easier.

Plan and share rotas straight from your phone with online staff scheduling for better visibility and less confusion. You can finally say goodbye to that scribbled spreadsheet stuck on your office wall.

Policies and procedures are also stored in one online place to ensure guidelines are followed and no one misses an update.

Risk assessments

3 months hopsy 5.png

With easy customisation, you can create simple risk assessment templates that will never again be left until the last minute.

Receive alerts, track potential hazards and monitor incident reporting with a simple set up process.

Cleaning schedules

3 motnhs hopsy 6.png

With Hopsy’s cleaning schedule tool you’ll never miss a spot. Notifications are automatically sent to those responsible, ensuring the job gets done without the need for supervision.

Like all our features, cleaning templates are editable per venue giving you complete flexibility in how you manage your business.

Ready to transform your business management?

Sign up for free at hopsy.co.uk and enjoy your 3 month trial until February 2021.

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