SOLUTIONS Compliance management: made easy

Protect your business against associated risks and maintain your brands reputation with our compliance management software. We make it easy to comply with health and safety regulations across your entire estate, enabling you to manage all your compliance needs from one place.

Online Checklists

Fully editable online templates, based around legislation and best practice are coupled with effective tasking to each of your venues to ensure your business is prompted to complete what is required.

Scoring for Clarity

Compliance is brought through into our scoring system for each of your sites, providing the oversight of which venues are meeting compliance standards and which ones need work.

'Ticket' Generation

Outstanding issues can be discovered during compliance checks, which can then be logged and flagged for completion. Photographic evidence can be attached and assigned to Hopsy users, all with email integration too.

So How Does Compliance Management Work?

Set your venues up the way you want them to be run and guide your teams with ease. Compliance checklists are communicated and 'tasked' at each venue, with effective reporting highlighting areas with risk and ensuring compliance standards are met.

Keep compliance tasks from slipping through the cracks

Our solution looks after all compliance across your company, tasking what is necessary each day, and bringing ad-hoc requirements to the forefront too, working to develop a positive health and safety culture.

Incident reporting

Weather it's an accident or a food poisoning allegation, there's a process for it on Hopsy. Better still, the company dashboards show incidents across all venues with real-time email notifications allowing those concerned to stay on the pulse with what is happening across the business.

Fire and Visitor Logs

Fire drills, false alarms, and genuine mishaps can all be logged, alongside any visitor or outsider to your hospitality venue. Hopsy even prompts to ensure they are free from food poisoning symptoms if entering a kitchen or food room.

Toilet Checks

The hourly tasking of a bespoke toilet check, and the generation of an independent toilet check score, paints an accurate picture of the venue performance in managing one of the most troublesome rooms across any hospitality venue.

Spend less time on manual compliance procedures

Easy Communication

Ensure all compliance policies and compliance checklists are communicated across your entire estate in minutes, no more chasing down for completion - reminders and notifications ensure the work gets done with little room for error.

Policy Completion Oversight

Our compliance dashboards help improve visibility to management of which policies have been read and understood with date/time stamps against staff members for complete accountability - Including policy specific venue scoring to show areas of concern

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